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Issio Solutions, a local software company specializing in healthcare workforce optimization needed to rapidly pivot their business in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The change? Offer their scheduling platform to hospitals and medical facilities nationwide to help mobilize as many healthcare workers to where they are needed most. A strong ongoing relationship with the company allowed me to quickly edit content and build a new website entirely from scratch within a matter of days, develop a user manual, and create online promotional advertising..

Prior projects for Issio Solutions have included the complete redesign of their logo, as well as work on brochures, collateral, and business stationery. Also designed and produced materials for a tradeshow booth and attendee giveaways.

You are indeed Speedy Gonzalez! I’m working quick to catch up. For what it is worth, I think we’ve added a ton of good content and information! Fingers crossed the [confidential client] loves it and signs on the dotted line!

Arne Brocke-UtneFounder, Issio Solutions